Xandy Kamel lied about having 3 kids; the 16-yr-old who drowned isn’t her biological son – Viral tape

Written by: King Bygone
A lady, who has identified herself as Xandy Kamel’s cousin has raised a new set of allegations against her, a development that has stirred massive public interest.

In an audio making rounds on social media, the said lady was captured in a private conversation, lamenting about Xandy’s act of consistently lying about giving birth to three children and losing one.

Xandy Kamel

It is no secret that one of Xandy’s three children drowned at the beach, as she has since told the story several times on most media platforms.

Earlier, during a discussion on United Showbiz, Xandy in a bid to tackle trolls, cried on live TV while narrating this particular ordeal.

A few days ago, while attacking her ex-husband, Kaninja, Xandy Kamel narrated how he failed to attend her child’s funeral, a situation which gave her more reasons to opt out of their already ‘staggering’ marriage.

However, reacting to the ongoing banter between Xandy and her ex-husband, the supposed cousin said the part that intrigued her the most, is how she projects the children as hers.

The said lady did not only refute the claim that the 16-year-old boy who lived with Xandy was her son, she also revealed that he died at her arms and not the sea.

“There have been a lot of issues. My mother is her mother’s sister and I know what I am talking about. I live about five blocks away from their house. The only thing that surprises me is the lies she spews. The boy died in my arms. He didn’t drown as he made everyone believe. The kids are not hers. She said three, yes. Two of the boys are our elder cousin’s children.

“Their father passed away and she is the one taking care of them because their mother isn’t working. The kids lived with Xandy when they were about two or three years and she looked after them. They are not her biological children,” she stated.

She also bemoaned Xandy’s habit of telling untruths to gain public sympathy when she could’ve just been silent.

“I am pained about the fact that she says these things to gain public sympathy. I think she shouldn’t speak to these issues again. Anytime she goes for an interview and is being asked about these issues, she should just not comment on it and move on. Because anytime she visits it, it breeds a lot of issues,” she added.

What Xandy said about losing a child

In an interview on The Delay Show, Xandy Kamel shared a heartbreaking story of how her oldest son drowned in a river at Sakomono, Accra while swimming after taking an exam.

“He went to write BECE and when he returned home, there was nobody around so he stepped out with his friends to swim,” she recalled. “I was home when my mother called that someone had told her about the unfortunate news. The caller went through my son’s phone, got her number and called her.” “I told my husband (now ex-husband) that my child had drowned, so he should accompany me. He told me he couldn’t. I went to Sakumono alone and made my mother report my son’s case to the police. I got my son’s body after three days. We had to perform some rituals, and paid a fine before the body was recovered.”

She said her ex-husband Kaninja refused to show up during the burial. Instead, he celebrated his birthday.

“The day my child was being buried; my husband was celebrating his birthday. He wasn’t there,” she said.

Xandy Kamel and ex-husband’s latest banter

Earlier after Xandy’s interview with Delay where she disclosed being the sole financier and the breadwinner of her former marriage, her ex-husband Kaninja, stormed social media with a disparaging reply that triggered a response from Xandy.

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