“Why are you running?” – Video shows lady fleeing as cow she was dancing for suddenly approached her

Written by: King Bygone
A humorous drama ensues in a viral video as a cow suddenly approaches a lady while she is dancing and shaking her waist to taunt it.

The herd of cows was making their way through an area when a lady stood far from it and was executing some dance moves to get its attention.

Why are you running
Why are you running

Her friends who were speaking in the background asked her what she would do if the cow decided to give her a chase and the lady said that she would run.

One of the voices in the background commented that the cow was probably seeing her as a dancing green grass.

Zara continued dancing and soon enough she caught the attention of one of the cow and it began moving towards her.

Upon seeing that the cow wants to start moving towards her, Zara quickly shot away, running towards the safety of their car.

Screenshot 2023 11 18 144625.png

Reactions trailed the video …
Fafa said: “Why are you running? She just wanted to join you dance.”

expensive desire said: “Shey you know say na risk you take?”

user6114282852843 said: “Nah when video wan sweet una come cut am.”

Baby Joy said: “The cow was like “is dis not Suzana” let me see.”

user9968356549029 said: “Trouble dy sleep iyanga go wake am…. yeah I’m the one. the grass in green clothes.”

Perpi said: “Omooo which kin rough play be this.”

Hollatoye said: “Cow was like ‘come lemme tell you something’ ‘why are you running”

Watch the video below …


It wasn’t funny cuz this cow legit kept coming after me 😂😂😂😂

♬ original sound – zara_chaana


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