“Freedom is sweet ooh” – Showboy says as He visits the Mall for the first time after being Released from Prison

Written by: King Bygone

Ghanaian musician Showboy, whose real name is Sam Safo, has recently been released from prison after serving a six-year sentence.

His journey has been one of transformation and redemption, and his recent social media post has resonated with many.

Showboy was sentenced to six years in prison in 2019 for stabbing Junior US during a fight. The incident led to a series of events that would change his life forever.


Despite the challenges he faced, Showboy remained active on social media during his time in prison, sharing details of his life and the events leading to his incarceration.

Upon his release, Showboy shared a video of himself walking at a mall, a simple act that symbolizes his newfound freedom.

The caption accompanying the video reads, “Life has humbled me, Freedom is sweet Oo”. This poignant message reflects Showboy’s journey and the lessons he has learned along the way.

The video and its caption have struck a chord with many, serving as a reminder of the value of freedom and the power of redemption. Showboy’s journey from prison to freedom has been marked by introspection and growth. His experiences have shaped him, and his story serves as an inspiration to many.

Watch the video below;



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