Salma Mumin Puts Banging Body On Display, Proves To Haters That Her Doctors Did A Good Job

Ghanaian actress and businesswoman, Salma Mumin has put her sexy body on display for her haters to know her doctors did a good job.

Salma who is currently in Dubai for a vacation shared a video of herself in a beautiful two-piece attire that accentuated her curves.

Salma Mumin

She looked so beautiful that her celebrity friends couldn’t help but gush over her.

Her banging body proves that her doctors did a good job when she went for a liposuction.

A few years ago, critics noticed changes in the size of Salma’s backside, which appeared rounder and firmer, leading to speculation that she had undergone surgery to enhance her curves.

Finally addressing the rumors, Salma confirmed that she did indeed undergo a surgical procedure to enhance her body.

In a lengthy post, she expressed her frustration with those who suggested she should seek a refund from her surgeon.

Salma confidently asserted that she is aware of how her body looks as she sees it every morning in the mirror. She emphasized that she does not need anyone on social media or in her personal life to pass judgment on her appearance.

In a long post, Salma wrote;

“To all who think I need a refund from my surgeon. Look I have a mirror, I see my body first thing when i wake up. I know how I look, I don’t need anyone around me or on this app telling me how terrible my body looks. I saw my previous body that yall loved so much yet trolled me over. Till recent times I didn’t even know yall loved it with all your hearts.”

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Anyway, see her banging body below;

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