On campus, two legon women get into a physical argument over a male.

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An emotional outburst and mounting tension between two young women over a romantic interest were seen in the peaceful hallways of the University of Ghana’s Jean Nelson Hall.

Two young women who should be concentrating on their academic goals instead found themselves involved in a “wrestle mania”-style altercation over a boy.

Video Two legon female students fight dirty over a guy on campus 696x392 1
Both women engaged in a furious argument in front of their classmates as the situation developed as they passionately competed for the attention of the same man.

Trending video shows how the exchange of words turned into actions.

The disagreement escalated into a physical altercation, leaving observers both stunned and concerned about the consequences of such emotional confrontations within the academic environment.

During the heated exchange of words, one of the ladies firmly stated that the guy will choose her over the other lady on any day.