The shocking revelation is made by Reggie Zippy’s wife: “I filed for it and am glad it was granted.”

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Reggie Zippy, a seasoned musician from Ghana and half of the duet Reggie and Bollie, called himself a variety of aliases on social media on August 17, 2023, which alarmed internet users because he didn’t explain why.

The popular musician reportedly called himself things like “wicked,” “fool,” and “a failure to his children” and even wished for his own death for everything he had done, according to

Reggie Zippy
Eventually, his wife Edith Mikela responded to his charges, and it appears that Reggie was being a lousy husband at home and an irresponsible father to his kids.

In her article, she said that while her ex-husband was away, she filed for divorce, paid for everything associated with it on her own, and eventually had to

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