Nadia Buari shows her humble side as she takes cow for a walk, lovely photos melt hearts

Written by: King Bygone

Seasoned Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari caused a stir on social media when she wore a simple outfit and took a herd of cows for a walk.

Nadia Buari takes a herd of cows for a walk

In the photos Nadia Buari shared on her Instagram page, she wore no makeup as she walked behind a herd of cows while directing their paths.

The star actress and mother of five wore a simple outfit: a white top paired with blue jeans. She covered up with a kimono and styled her look with a scarf, which she wore around her neck.

To match the theme of being a Fulani herdswoman, Nadia wore black boots and no makeup. However, she looked stylish in monochrome sunglasses and a blonde wig.

In the caption of the post, the seasoned actress wrote a motivational message to her fans centred on struggles. She noted that everyone experiences pain and goes through struggles. She then explained the difference between pain and struggles in the statement below:

We all have struggles. We all have pain. It’s not a competition. I hope you are mindful enough to understand that, someone else’s struggle may look like a lighter load to carry, but that doesn’t make it lesser of a struggle. It can still be just as heavy as yours. Understanding that goes a long way. ✌
Below are lovely pictures of Nadia Buari taking a herd of cows for a walk.

Reactions to the viral photos

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Actress Jackie Appiah, actor Prince David Osei and many of Nadia Buari’s celebrity friends and her Instagram followers wondered if the picture was captured from a movie role or whether she was having fun talking to the cows for a walk.

Others also made fun of the photos as they gave her nicknames such as cowgirl and Fulani woman, among other names.

Also, the motivation message the star actress wrote in the comment section resonated with a section of her fans s they shared their take on it.

Below are the comments on the memorable photos:

jackieappiah said:

So where are you going ???
iamnadinexe said:

Someone once said “just because I carry it so well doesn’t mean it’s easy”. You’re so pretty ☺️☺️❤️
princedavidosei said:

Fulani herdswoman
tatyanafel said:

These words are powerful. Many people don’t realize how they belittle other people’s issues/problems/struggles and how much it makes them coil up in their shells hurting. In all you do BE KIND ❤️
mcdekay_offsyde said:

Fulani with the cutest dimple ❤️ ❤️❤️
official_lellyko said:

Eeiiii Ghana Beyonce where are you going to. Bring me one cow.
atokwamenaasare said:

I need some fresh cow milk. I wan do brukina
latifbanks9 said:

Your favorite Fulani

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