12-year-old girl in Kasoa builds solar system to save babies in incubators

Written by: King Bygone
A 12-year-old Hanibel Nyarko, a student at Hill View Montessori School, has developed a solar automation system to prevent power outages from endangering lives in medical facilities in a remarkable display of innovation and compassion.

Hanibel was deeply affected by a recent tragedy at Tema General Hospital, where a baby reportedly died in an incubator due to power interruptions. This incident spurred her to take action and ensure that such a loss wouldn’t happen in her community. Her project has successfully brought sustainable energy to the Iron City Health Facility in Kasoa, improving the reliability of power for critical medical equipment.


“I am 12 years old and in Grade 7. I made an automatic iron system for the Iron Eye Clinic. A baby died in an incubator at Tema General Hospital due to power cuts. I was very sad about it and decided to do something for Iron City. I want the solar energy system to support lives so no more babies die because of power issues.”

Hanibel also highlighted the educational support she received:

“We’ve been learning about electricity and other things in school. The Girl Guides also gave girls the opportunity to express their feelings about their community. I created a solar light automatic system because I wanted to implement it here to ensure that no baby dies due to power failures.”

Her determination and ingenuity have not only improved healthcare in her community but also inspired many. Hanibel’s project is a testament to the impact that young minds can have on solving real-world problems. She concluded her interview with a hopeful message:

“I am happy and grateful. I want to help the agricultural sector too.”

Hanibel Nyarko’s initiative demonstrates the power of youth-led innovation in addressing critical issues and making a positive difference in the community.

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