Agradaa’s daughter’s striking resemblance with her in video wins hearts

Written by: King Bygone

The former priestess turned pastor Nana Agradaa’s daughter has captured the hearts of many Ghanaians with her exceptional dancing skills and vibrant character.

Agradaa’s daughter wins hearts with her dance moves

A video shared by one Ghanaian blogger, Blog With MCB, showed Agradaa’s daughter looking stunning in her Afro Star Kids Academy shirt, which she paired with a pair of trousers.

The little girl, who is a member of famous Ghanaian dancer Afronita’s dance academy, received praise after displaying fire dance moves at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).


The little girl was part of the Afro Star Academy Kids, who were at the airport to welcome Afornita and Abigail after their successful campaign on season 17 of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).

Agradaa’s daughter danced with so much energy that many people left positive reviews in the comment section of the social media post.

Below is a lovely video of Nana Agradaa’s daughter.


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Reactions to the adorable video of Agrada’s daughter
Many people in the comment section talked about how beautiful Agradaa’s daughter looked in the video. Others also highlighted that she resembled her mother as if they were twins.

Others who watched her dance videos from the airport would not help but share exciting reviews about her energetic dance moves.

Below are the comments:

nana.aba.bliss said:

Yes I saw her dance moves and I was wowed
Yaa _Chilling@25 said:

Am I the only one seeing Agradaa’s daughter
Esi said:

but she is a very good dancer
wakanda said:

Heerrrr She resembles her mom ooo Eeeiiii
Amanda Myanda said:

maintaining composure
Charlotte Okantey86 said:

she’s beautiful
user8485824513487 said:

awwww she is soo kull

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