My family don’t regard me because I don’t have money – Young lady shares

A young lady has left many in tears after she disclosed that she is no longer regarded as a person in the family.

In a video sighted on social media, the young lady during a street interview was asked about her family where she said they were three in the family aside from her parents.

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When she was asked how many boys she responded two which means automatically she was the only girl in the family but when the interviewer said that meant she was the girl she responded in a negative manner.

This prompted the interviewer to find out why there were three siblings but she wasn’t the only lady after she disclosed there were two boys.

She responded the girl and final person in the family was her junior sister.

This shocked the interviewer who asked her who she was and her response left the interviewer speechless and he had to finally walk away from the interview.

According to her, her people don’t regard her to be part of the family reason being that she has no money in the family.

Watch the video below:

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