Video of a lady cheating with her friend’s groom on wedding day causes stir online (Watch)

Infidelity has become a common norm among gen Z and a video sighted on Ghpage goes on to verify this as a lady cheating on her friend’s groom on the wedding day has erupted reactions online.

According to the video, the lady who is in a black dress is seen getting cozy with the groom.

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The bride’s friend and the groom get naughty with each other as the latter is seen grabbing the former’s backside continuously while the bride is away.

Trying to make sure they’re not caught, the groom was heard telling his bride that the photographers were waiting while he caressed the bride’s friend’s backside.

Upon hearing the footsteps of the bride who is in her white wedding gown from the stairs, they separate from each other with both of them cheering her up as she couldn’t notice anything.

The bride’s friend as a way of supporting her friend despite cheating with her man a few moments earlier was seen blushing, beaming with so much joy alongside the groom’s describing her friend as the best ever bride.

Watch the video below;

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