Armed robber confused as female forex bureau attendant vanishes mysteriously (Video)

Written by: King Bygone

An armed robber attempting to rob a Forex bureau was left confused as the female attendant vanished mysteriously before he could pull out his gun.

The incident took place at the Global Exchange Forex bureau in Anyaa near Sowutoum, located in the Ga Central District of the Greater Accra Region, and was captured on CCTV footage.


The bandit entered the Forex bureau, pretending to be a customer, but instead, he pulled out a gun to attack the female attendant.

Remarkably, the observant lady sensed something amiss through his body language.

She quickly decided to seek cover, and after the robber brandished his gun, he looked around but couldn’t locate the lady.

In a state of confusion and disappointment, he placed the gun, believed to be a military gun, back into his green bag, resembling that of a soldier.

He calmly exited the Forex bureau, appearing like an ordinary customer who had just utilized their services.

In a narration accompanying the video, the lady explained that while in hiding, she activated the alarm bells to call for help from those nearby.

However, due to the robber’s quick exit, bystanders couldn’t suspect him. By the time they decided to chase him, he had already escaped.


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