Asantewaa replies to Kuami Eugene’s former house-help’s warning in a new video

Written by: King Bygone

Controversial Asantewaa has replied to Kuami Eugene’s former house help’s warning in a new video.

A few hours ago, Kuami Eugene’s former house help, Mary, went live on TikTok to issue a stern warning to Asantewaa.

Mary’s warning followed after Asantewaa shared a video of herself making fun of Mary’s allegations that she collapsed severally inside Kuami Eugene’s house because of hunger.

Shut up Kuami Eugenes former househelp warns and fires Asantewaa Heres why Video

Asantewaa subtly rubbished Mary’s claims of collapsing in Kuami Eugene’s house due to hunger.

Mary has reacted to Asantewaa’s troll at her and told her to shut up.

In a new video, Mary slammed Asantewaa to mind her business and concentrate on raising her new baby rather than poking her noise of people’s affairs.

As seen in the now viral clip, Mary told Asantewaa to shut up else she will mercilessly descend on her in the coming days.

Asantewaa has in turn replied to Mary’s warning and according to her, she didn’t mock or make fun of Mary’s predicament but was rather seeking clarification.

Watch the video below to know more…

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