A big shame – Delay reacts to Tiktoker claiming she was barren

Award-winning television and radio personality Delay has lashed out at a Tiktoker who referred to her as barren while addressing fellow Tiktoker Asantewaa‘s statement that she was barren.

The Tiktoker identified as Captain Ceaser in a video stated that Asantewaa is not barren as she said in the latest video adding that she has committed over 40 abortions in the past years.

Delay and Caeser 696x392 1

Not ending with Asantewaa, he continued by dragging in Delay stating emphatically that she is the one who is barren and not Asantewaa.

Captain Ceaser added that Delay always sheds tears when she locks herself in the room due to her inactivity to conceive and have a child of her own.

Delay quickly responded to these accusations by addressing Captain Ceaser’s statements on her Facebook wall and then removing the post.

The host of the Delay show responded to the accusation by calling his remarks a “big shame” and telling him to stop talking badly so he doesn’t “choke on his own saliva.”

See the deleted post below:


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