Lady travelling to Canada forgets her ‘new’ name at KIA

There was a scene at the Kotoka International Airport Terminal Three last weekend when a lady travelling to Canada forgot her ‘new’ name leading to her arrest by the police.

According to what we gathered, the Canadian Visa she was using to travel had been tempered so she could use it to leave the country but a little interview from the immigration officers exposed her.

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It was disclosed that the name on the Passport was Abigail but when she was asked what was her name she responded Ayishetu.

This prompted the immigration officer to check her documents and realised that all documents bore the name Abigail and not Ayishetu as she had said.

A critical look at the visa showed that it had been tampered with. A check from the Canadian Embassy showed that they indeed issued a visa to the said Abigail with the same passport number.

It said that the lady whose name is Ayishetu was to adopt the name Abigail which would be her new identity until she landed at her final destination.

But at the airport, she forgot and mentioned that she was known as Ayishetu and upon realising her mistake she quickly joined that she had recently changed her name to Abigail.

This explanation didn’t sit well with the immigration who handed her over to the police to conduct more investigations.

It’s believed that Abigail’s photo was swapped with that of Ayishetu after the visa was granted to Abigail.

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