Who is James Whale? Bio, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Parents, Instagram

Written by: Amos Osrah

Who is James Whale?

James Whale (born Michael James Whale on 13 May 1951) is an English radio personality, television presenter, podcast host and author.

He gained initial prominence in the 1980s as the host of The James Whale Radio Show on Radio Aire in Leeds, which was simulcast on national television.

From 1995 to 2008, Whale hosted a night time radio show on talkSPORT (Talk Radio 1995–2000), followed by stints on LBC 97.3 and various BBC radio stations.

Whale is the current host of his podcast The James Whale Show and a night time radio show on talkRADIO and TalkTV. He has also appeared on television shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and The Weakest Link.

Whale is known for his outspoken and controversial views. He has been criticized for his use of offensive language and his often hostile interviews. However, he also has a large and loyal following of listeners who appreciate his honesty and his willingness to tackle difficult subjects.

Whale is a complex and controversial figure. He is both loved and hated, but there is no doubt that he is one of the most influential and outspoken radio presenters in the UK.

Who is James Whale?

What is James Whale’s net worth?

James Whale’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of August 2023. This includes his earnings from his radio shows, television appearances, and book sales.

Whale has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years and has amassed a significant fortune during that time.

He is one of the most successful radio presenters in the UK and is known for his outspoken and controversial views.

Who is James Whale’s Wife?

James Whale was married to Melinda Maxted from 1970 until her death in 2018. They had two sons together, James and Peter. In 2021, Whale married Nadine Talbot-Brown.

In February 2018, Whale announced that Maxted had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

James Whale and wife Nadine Talbot-Brown

Nadine Talbot-Brown is a former nurse who met James Whale in her local pub in Kent. They were married in a small ceremony in October 2021.

Nadine is a widow herself, having lost her husband to cancer in 2016. She is a strong supporter of James Whale and has been by his side throughout his cancer journey.

Does James Whale have kids?

Yes, James Whale has two sons, James and Peter. They were born from his marriage to Melinda Maxted, which lasted from 1970 to 2018.

His sons are both grown up and have families of their own. James has two children, Oscar and Ella, and Peter has one child, Harry.

James Whale is a proud grandfather and loves spending time with his grandchildren. He often talks about them on his radio show and in interviews. He is grateful for the joy they bring into his life and says they are his “greatest treasures.”

How old is James Whale?

James Whale, the radio presenter, is 72 years old as of 2023. He was born on May 13, 1951.

There is another James Whale, a British film director who was born in 1889 and died in 1957. He is best known for his horror films, including Frankenstein (1931), The Old Dark House (1932), and The Invisible Man (1933).

Who are James Whale’s parents?

James Whale was born Michael James Whale on May 13, 1951, in Ewell, Surrey, England. His parents are David Whale and Anne. His father worked in the family business S&R Whale, which made dresses, aprons and overalls in a factory in Brixton, London.

His mother was a professional ballet dancer. His parents later owned The Green Man pub in Ewell. Whale has a younger brother, Keith.

What is James Whale’s Height?

James Whale, the radio presenter, is 6 feet tall, or 1.83 meters.

Who are James Whale’s siblings?

James Whale, the radio presenter, has one younger brother, Keith Whale. They were both born to David Whale and Anne. Keith is a retired businessman who lives in Surrey.

What is James Whale’s Instagram?

James Whale is active on Instagram @jameswhaleradio.

What ethnicity is James Whale?

James Whale, the radio presenter, is of English and Welsh descent. His father, David Whale, was English, and his mother, Anne (née Price), was Welsh. Whale was born in Ewell, Surrey, England, and grew up in a middle-class family.


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