Where is the baby? – Netizens ask as Asantewaa returns to Ghana without her baby (VIDEO)

Written by: King Bygone
Asantewaa has finally arrived in Ghana after spending some months abroad.

She walked out of the Kotoka International Airport to meet her eagerly waiting family.

Among the people who met her at the airport was Afronita, a former dancer of DWP.

Asantewaa looked incredibly excited to be back home after her time abroad. However, observers noticed that her baby was not with her, which raised eyebrows.


People speculated whether she had left the baby behind in the US or had chosen not to show the baby in the online videos that were shared.

Just a few weeks ago, news had circulated that Asantewaa had welcomed a baby after nearly six years of marriage.

It was reported that Asantewaa who has been in the US since November was said to have welcomed a baby on December 3, 2023.

The news of Asantewaa’s delivery was first shared on social media by US-based Ghanaian popular TikToker, Obaa Cee, who has a close relationship with Asantewaa.

Rumors had also swirled, alleging that she had undergone multiple abortions, leading to difficulties in conceiving.

Others had suggested that her husband, being older, might have had fertility issues. Despite facing insults and backlash, Asantewaa finally received the blessing of motherhood.


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