Wendy Shay Raises Concerns “New Music Video Won’t Be on Rufftown Records Channel”

Written by: Kay Rico

Ghanaian music sensation Wendy Shay has set tongues wagging with her latest social media post, hinting at a significant shift in her career trajectory. The self-proclaimed Queen of Ghana music took to her online platforms to announce the impending release of her music video for the track ‘Who Cares.’

What caught the attention of her followers was not just the new vio, but Wendy Shay’s revelation that it wouldn’t be available on the channels of her long-time record label, Rufftown Records. Instead, she declared her intention to forge a new path, creating exclusive channels for her music content.

Addressing her loyal fan base, known as the ‘SHAYGANG,’ Wendy Shay tweeted, “SHAYGANG my new video will not be on Rufftown Records Chanel. Follow me as I embark on a new journey and subscribe to my new YouTube account.”

Wendy Shay

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In a bold move signaling potential rebranding, Wendy Shay has also scrubbed her social media platforms of any posts associated with Rufftown Records. This action has left many speculating about the nature of her relationship with the label, especially considering her six-year tenure with them and her status as their ‘cash cow.’

Despite the rampant speculation surrounding her departure from Rufftown Records, Wendy Shay has maintained silence on any official changes to her management or contractual status with the company.

The unexpected announcement has left fans and industry insiders eagerly anticipating further details about Wendy Shay’s next career move and the potential impact it could have on the Ghanaian music scene.

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