Vinicius Jr Siblings

Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior, commonly known as Vinícius Júnior or Vini Jr. is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a winger for La Liga club Real Madrid and the Brazil national team.

Considered one of the best players in the world, he is known for his dribbling skills, high pace, and shooting

Born in São Gonçalo, Vinícius began his professional career at Flamengo, where he made his senior debut in 2017, at age 16.

A few weeks later, Vinícius was the subject of a transfer to La Liga club Real Madrid, for whom he signed in a £38 million deal, which was a national record for a U-18 player.

Vinícius Junior‘s football career began in the year 2006, when his father took him to the branch offices of Flamengo, in the neighborhood of Mutuá, in São Gonçalo where he lived. His club document described him as a left-back.

Vinicius Jr Siblings: Meet Carlos Vinicius, Vinicius Jr Brother

What is the name of Vinicius Jr brother? What is the name of Vinicius Jr sister?

Being a young man from a very difficult background, his family had faced hardships, but because of his talents and tenacity, his life and his house are now a cause for joy.

Vini’s brother, Carlos Vinicius, was born in Brazil on March 27, 1993. He also plays soccer, but with the PSV team as a striker.

Carlos Vinicius is the brother of Vinicius Jr. Vini has one sibling, Carlos, who is also his brother.

Additionally, Carlos Vinicius plays football. He sports for Portugal’s Benefica.