Video drops as 65-year-old man seriously watching ‘Blue Film’ on his phone inside banking Hall

Written by: King

A viral video featuring a 65-year-old man engrossed in watching an X-video inside a banking hall has received mixed reactions from netizens.
The incident which took place at an undisclosed banking facility has garnered widespread attention due to its unusual nature.

As seen in the viral clip, the man was calmly seated in the banking hall and absorbed in the X-video while waiting for his turn to get served by the tellers.

Blue Film

While some individuals find humour in the audacity of the man’s actions, others have expressed concern over the erosion of social norms and decorum.

Many have taken to the comments section of the video to debate whether the man’s behaviour was simply a reflection of modern technology’s impact on social etiquette, or if it was an example of an individual challenging societal norms intentionally.

Commenting under the video, @Elorm Sunny for instance stated – Though not condoning the act because the behavior is considered morally wrong, but no one is talking about how bad the invasion of the man’s privacy is and even posting it online. Remember the law of the golden rule…what you don’t want people to do to you, don’t do it to others (Matthew 7:12).

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