“They hid it here”: Lady shows vid recorder she found in washroom of guest house

Written by: King Bygone
A young lady recently uncovered a video recorder discreetly placed in the washroom of a guest house she had visited.

The covert device was ingeniously concealed within a toilet paper holder, featuring a perforated hole for inconspicuous recording.


In a video she shared online, the woman expressed shock and concern as she revealed that the recorder was actively recording when she discovered it.

The incident has sparked a range of reactions across various online platforms, with netizens expressing a mix of astonishment, outrage, and concern over privacy invasion.

The revelation of such a hidden recording device in what is typically considered a private space has raised questions about security and surveillance in guest accommodations.

Authorities are being called upon to investigate the incident, ensuring that the privacy and safety of individuals in public spaces, particularly guest houses and hotels, are safeguarded.

Below are some of the thoughts netizens have been sharing after watching the video.

@drackson_MCFC said:

It’s becoming a popular trend these days, y’all be careful of bulbs like this too in a shortlet or hotels. It has night vision so even if the light is off during knacks they’ll still be seeing you
@Kingabasalito commented:

I think there is a way someone can know if there is a camera is the room by opening your phone camera. If you know how to figure this out, kindly tell us
@Vickey_dSniper indicated:

The hotel needs to be sued fr… cause this is not appropriate… even if you want to do something like that in your hotel for security reasons,,, the guests should be informed that the restroom is under surveillance… so if they’re okay with it, they can go ahead to lodge.

Watch the video below:

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