Tears Flow Legon Master Degree Student D!es After Thieves Pushed Him Into Oncoming Car At UPSA-UGBS Road

Written by: King Bygone

A student of the University of Ghana has passed away on his way from lectures.

A master’s degree student at the University of Ghana has passed away in an unfortunate scuffle with thieves.


The young man pursuing higher education at the University of Ghana Business School met his untimely death last night at the UPSA-UGBS stretch.

On his way from lectures around 8-9 pm on Wednesday, he got attacked by thieves.

He resisted the attack and the thieves pushed him into an oncoming vehicle.

That particular stretch has nonfunctioning street lights so it’s always dark at night, creating a conducive environment for thieves.

As this unfortunate news goes viral, people who’ve fallen victim to robbers on that stretch are recounting their terrible experiences on Twitter.

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