Taxi Driver d!es on top of Sidechick during Atopa session after Alleged dr¥g Overd0se

Written by: King Bygone

A Taxi driver has reportedly lost his life in the process of enjoyment following an alleged use of a dr¥g called Aphrodisiacs, which he overdosed.

United Television (UTV) made a report that reported the death of a taxi driver who resides in Kasoa, a township in the Central Region of Ghana.

The incident occurred shortly after the driver, whose identity remains undisclosed, checked into a hotel to link up with a yet-to-be-identified woman

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It was alleged that the man had some misunderstanding with his leggaly married wife and decided to meet his side chick instead despite her urging him to stay home.

The report continued that the driver was excited just like many men have been about meeting a woman he had been supporting financially for years now.

He reportedly locked his and their child at home before embarking on his mission. Prior to his departure, he narrated his plans to his fellow taxi drivers about his intention to ride his new woman veryy well.

To achieve hive his goals and not lose the match, he mentioned to his colleagues that he had taken a medicine called aphrodisiacs to enhance his performance.

However, he was discovered de@d on top of the woman just when he thought he was about to win the match.

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