A must watch!! First skit of Strika and Dr. Likee surfaces online – VIDEO

Written by: King Bygone
Dr. Likee

Strika, in a video, was spotted shooting his first skit with Ras Nene and his crew, exciting many Ghanaians

Ras Nene has taken the young actor under his wing to transform his life for the better, and many Ghanaians are rooting for Strika’s recovery.

The young man has battled substance abuse addiction and a lot of personal problems since rising to stardom in 2015

Young Ghanaian actor Strika, known for his role in Beast Of No Nation, was seen shooting his first skit alongside Ras Nene and his crew.

Dr. Likee
Dr. Likee

Ghanaians, eager to witness Strika’s comeback, are rallying behind the young man.

Ras Nene, a seasoned comedian and mentor, has taken Strika under his wing, aiming to steer the young actor towards a brighter future.

Ghanaians are optimistic about Strika’s recovery and comeback, hoping that this new venture will mark a turning point in his life.

Watch the video below


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