Street Preacher angry as someone gives ‘Wee’ as Offering

In a recent incident that has sparked widespread discussion, a Ghanaian pastor expressed his disappointment when he discovered that someone had used wee as an offertory.

In a video sighted on Ghanaian Blogger, King Bygone‘s Instagram, a street pastor was seen expressing his disappointment, as someone gives ‘wee’ as an offering.

In the video, you can hilariously hear the street preaching saying, it’s not compulsory to give offering when you don’t have, it’s soo inappropriate for someone to use ‘wee’ as an offertory.

In this case, it is clear that the pastor did not consider wee to be an acceptable offertory gift. It is possible that he believes that wee is a drug and that it should not be used in a religious setting. It is also possible that he believes that wee is disrespectful to God.

watch video below


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