Samantha Womack Parents

Samantha Zoe Womack is an English actress, singer, model, and director who has worked in film, television, and stage.

Womack initially planned a career in singing and she represented the United Kingdom in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest.

Her song for the contest, “A Message to Your Heart”, was released as her first (and only) single in April 1991 and reached number 30 on the UK Singles Chart.

Womack made her name in the mid-1990s with her role as Mandy Wilkins in Game On (1995-1998) leading onto roles in the BBC One drama Pie in the Sky (1995–1996) and the sitcom Babes in the Wood (1998).

Noel Robert Janus and Diane Janus are the parents of Samantha Womack.

Samantha Womack Parents

Samantha Womack Parents: Meet Noel Robert Janus, Diane Janus

Womack was born in Brighton to her parents Noel Robert Janus and Diane Janus.

Samantha’s parents, musician Noel and actress Diana Janus divorced when she was two years old.

Samantha’s mother remarried a doctor when she was six, and she increasingly saw less of her father.

Samantha Womack Parents

They only became close again when she became a mother and he reconnected with her in 1996.

The 44-year-old British TV actress revealed she hadn’t spoken to her father Noel since he ‘acted terribly’ at her wedding in May 2009, three months before he died.