Rudi Koertzen children

Rudolf Eric Koertzen, 26 March 1949 – 9 August 2022) was an international cricket umpire. Koertzen was born in Knysna in the Western Cape, South Africa.

A cricket enthusiast since his youth, he played league cricket while working as a clerk for South African Railways. He became an umpire in 1981.

Koertzen officiated in his first One-Day International (ODI) on 9 December 1992, and in his first Test match from 26 to 29 December 1992.

Both matches were contested between South Africa and India at Port Elizabeth, during the first series in which television replays were used to assist with run-out decisions.

Rudi Koertzen children

Koertzen soon became well-known for very slowly raising his index finger to indicate that a batsman was out.

He became a full-time ICC umpire in 1997 and was one of the original members of the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires when it was founded in 2002.

Rudi Koertzen children: Meet Yulali, Eumelda, Rudolf and Luan

Rudolf Eric Koertzen loved his four children. He has Rudolf, Luan, Yulali, and Eumelda as his two boys and two daughters.

In his book Slow Death: Memoirs of a Cricket Umpire, Rudolf mentions his beloved kids.