Popular GH bet tipster, Eno Kay exposed for editing a 30 pesewas bet to GHS40K

Written by: King Bygone

Eno Kay, a well-known betting tipster who’s celebrated for his high-stakes bets and lavish lifestyle has been busted for editing his betting slips.

Eno Kay was busted after sharing a recent betting on Twitter where he mostly interacts with his fans and followers.

The whole saga began when Eno Kay posted a photo of a betting slip on Twitter claiming he had staked GH¢45,000 and won GH¢190,800.

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The slip, intended to showcase yet another of his impressive wins quickly came under scrutiny.

One tweep with the handle name @hoesluvlaroi decided to verify the slip’s authenticity by running the ticket ID through Sporty Bet’s verification system.

The verification process revealed a startling discrepancy: the original stake was only 30 pesewas, not the GH¢45,000 Eno Kay had claimed.

This revelation exposed the slip as photoshopped and not authentic.

Now, Eno Kay, previously admired for his apparent betting prowess, has seen his reputation take a significant hit.

His claims of making substantial amounts of money through betting had garnered him a substantial following, with many aspiring to replicate his success.

His lavish lifestyle, including a collection of luxury vehicles such as a Toyota Supra and a Range Rover, seemed to lend credibility to his claims.


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