Man shows off his amazing transformation after getting hair transplant surgery in Turkey

A man has gone viral on the microblogging platform X after showing off his remarkable transformation following a hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

The man opted for this cosmetic procedure due to premature balding, which caused his hairline to recede early.

He revealed that baldness runs in his family, as his father and brother also experience the same condition.

Due to this, he invested $6,000 in a hair transplant surgery in Turkey, a procedure that involves moving healthy hairs on the scalp to areas with thinning hair.

He explained that hospitals in the US were charging double that amount but he was able to get the procedure done cheaper in Turkey.

The X user, with the handle @LasTrain2London, posted photos of his head before the procedure, immediately after the procedure, and a recent photo.

“This is what Turkey did for me 🌹”, he captioned the post.

See below,

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