Man shocked as his one-month girlfriend destroys his apartment upon his return from a business trip

Written by: King Bygone

A Nigerian man took to social media to share the aftermath of his girlfriend’s destructive outburst in his apartment.

The man, identified as @Sarkideyforyou on Twitter, expressed his dismay at returning home to find his living space in ruins after a brief business trip to Ilorin.

According to the aggrieved man’s tweet, he had left for Ilorin on a Friday morning and encountered communication challenges due to the poor network in the area.

As a result, he was unable to stay in touch with his one-month-old girlfriend throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The lack of communication apparently led his girlfriend to suspect infidelity on his part.

Upon his return to Abuja, the man was met with a scene of destruction within his apartment, allegedly caused by his girlfriend.

He shared a photo on social media showcasing the aftermath of the chaos, revealing overturned furniture and a disheveled living space.

The man went on to disclose that the relationship was merely a month old.  In response to the apparent breach of trust, the distressed man revealed that he had involved his lawyer in the matter.

“So I traveled since on Friday morning for a business in Ilorin and the area has no stable network, as result of poor network in Ilorin so I couldn’t communicate with my 1-month-old girlfriend I left in my apartment in Abuja throughout Saturday and Sunday. “This babe thought I was with other women or probably cheating on her and that was why I switched off my phone, coming back to Abuja this is how I met my room, my neighbor said she left around 5 O’clock,” the wrote.

Man shocked
Man shocked
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