List of young Ghanaian musicians who fell off after just one hit

Written by: King Bygone
Ghana has seen many musical talents flourish, however others did not live to stand the test of time in the competitive industry .

Many careers of some artistes in the country only became nothing but a flash in the pan for one reason or the other.

These musicians came into the music scene with massive records but fell of suddenly.

This article gives you a list of some of these artistes who came with the full vigor and mysteriously faded out .

1 .J Derobie

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J Derobie is a Ghanaian dancehall artiste who shook the music scene with his hit song “Poverty”. The song resonated with many Ghanaian youth due to the motivational message it carried. However his impact in the industry was short lived. His name deteriorated and other songs he made never reached the popularity of his debut song “Poverty “.

2. Bosom P Young

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The “Attaa Adwoa” hitmaker became a household name after his song went viral. Bosom P Young entered the music scene with a refreshing rhythm that was captivating and jovial at the same time. His other songs however did not quite give him prominence like his first track.

3. AY Poyo

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AY Poyo , regarded by many as the comic rapper became a sensation with his hit song “ Goat” . His unique style and weird aesthetics all came together to make his debut song a hit. Sadly his music currently does not make waves anymore. AY Poyo has even come out to write on social media about many times he suffered depression.

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