List of dancers topping charts in Ghana and Nigeria currently

Written by: King Bygone
Dance is now a popular mouthpiece used by many people across the world to express themselves.

Many people all over the world especially Africa, have capitalized on the craft to make themselves known.

This article gives readers a list of current dancers who are highly recognized for the amazing gift they possess .

6 . Afronitaa.

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Afronitaa is a female dancer from Ghana . She belongs to the DWP dance group. She’s loved by many due to her smooth dance moves.

5 . Purple Speedy

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Purple speedy is a female dancer from Nigeria. She gained massive recognition after doing multiple dance challenges on TikTok.

4. Endurance Grand

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Endurance Grand is a talented Ghanaian- Nigerian dancer . Endurance is regarded as the best female dancer in Ghana currently . She’s loved by many for her versatile dance moves.

3 . Dancegod Lloyd

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Dancegod Lloyd Is the Co-founder of the Dance with purpose (DWP) dance school. His talent has seen him feature in many music videos of top musicians across Africa .

2. Poco Lee

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Poco Lee from Nigeria is currently the most famous dancer in Africa. His many dance videos has seen him ranked with the elites. He has contributed his success in life to dancing on many occasions.

1 . Incredible Ziggy

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Incredible Ziggy is regarded by many as the most skillful dancer in Africa. His precise dance moves are close to perfection. He also is responsible for creating several trending dance challenges on social media.

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