Lady weeps as any woman in her family who gets pregnant dies during delivery

A TikTok user with the handle @tahtianasherdenn recounted the terrible story of her family history as she described it as a generational curse.

According to the lady, her grandma sadly died while giving birth to her mother. Her mother also died during childbirth.

Tahtianasherdenn expresses her worries and hopes for the future as she grapples with the weight of her family’s tragic past, which she claims is a generational curse.

Lady cries as any woman in her family who gets pregnant dies during delivery

In her post, she expressed tremendous anguish and a sense that her conscience was slipping away. She closed her message with a prayer, wishing for a boy for her pregnant child.

She stated, “My grandmother died, giving birth to my mother, who died giving birth to me. As I feel my conscience slipping away, I pray that my baby is a boy.”

@tequilashot reacted: “Now you know how to stop the generational curse.”

@siomaries reacted: “It’s not a generational curse. It’s a combination of malpractice with black women giving birth and other issues. Have your children in peace.”

@Toni0120 reacted: “You can break this by not accepting it as a generational curse you shall give birth and be healthy in the name of Jesus. A just claim and believe it.”

@Era said: “But what if your boy one day has a baby girl of his own, would that continue?”

@user652154249807 said: “You could choose to be the curse breaker. You could choose to live& not die.”

@Nene said: “Don’t worry, you won’t die you’ll be alive to watch your beautiful/handsome child grow. DON’T BE SCARED YOU ARE STRONG.”

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