Lady murders her best friend during a fight over a man – Video

Written by: King Bygone

A disturbing and tragic incident unfolded when a fight between two young women took a deadly turn, resulting in the death of one of them.

The horrifying encounter was captured on video and has sent shockwaves on the internet.

The video, which has been widely circulated online, chronicles the fatal altercation from its inception to its gruesome conclusion.

Lady murders her best friend during a fight over a man Video 1

Two women are seen engaged in a physical struggle, with tensions escalating rapidly.

One of the women can be seen wielding a knife, and in a shocking turn of events, she used the weapon to slash her opponent.

The violent act left the other woman bleeding profusely from the wound inflicted by the knife.

Despite desperate attempts to apply pressure to the wound in a bid to stem the bleeding, the severity of the injury proved insurmountable.

Tragically, the young woman continued to lose blood uncontrollably and later died in a pool of blood.

According to reports, they were fighting over a man.

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