‘Kwashey Boys’ who Threatens to wound People if they don’t surrender their Phones have been Arrested

Written by: King Bygone

In a significant breakthrough, Ghana Police successfully apprehended a group of thieves who had been terrorizing the community with threats of theft and violence.

The criminals had been specifically targeting individuals, demanding they surrender their phones and personal belongings, and threatening to stab those who resisted.

As the festive season approached, the thieves escalated their activities, causing fear and anxiety among residents.

Kwashey Boys
Kwashey Boys

In a video sighted by King Bygone of Nsemwokrom, which went viral few days ago, were two young guys holding machetes and sharp knives as they threatened to stab people and wound them if they didn’t surround their phones and valuable items.

Some Netizens draw the attention of Ghana police and they have successfully grabbed these two guys.

Their method involved threatening innocent people with violence if they refused to hand over their phones and other valuable possessions.

This audacious strategy not only robbed people of their belongings but also their peace of mind during what should be a joyous time of year.

The arrest of these thieves has brought immense relief to the community. Residents can now look forward to celebrating the holiday season without the looming threat of being accosted by these criminals.

The successful operation serves as a reminder of the effectiveness of our law enforcement agencies and their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the public.

Source: Nsemwokrom.com

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