Kaneshie mobile money vendor in tears after he was tricked into accepting papers as cash

Written by: King Bygone

A mobile money (momo) vendor, who operates within the Kaneshie market is reeling in pain after he was scammed of thousands of Ghanaian cedis.

According to narrations cited on social media, a customer approached the momo vendor to deposit cash into his mobile wallet.


The momo vendor said he counted the money in the presence of the customer and was sure that it was a valid legal tender before proceeding to conduct the transaction.

However, moments after the transaction was done and the customer had left the scene, the momo vendor checked the money again only to find out that it had transmogrified into pieces of paper.

Having realised that he had been defrauded, the momo vendor, whose name is yet to be confirmed, hopped on the next available motorbike, roaming the entire Kaneshie market to look for the said customer.

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