Javier Mile Wife: Who is Javier Mile married to?

Written by: Amos Osrah

Javier Gerardo Milei is an Argentine economist, author, and politician who is the President-elect of Argentina. He is a self-described anarcho-capitalist who advocates for free markets, limited government, and individual liberty.

Milei is a controversial figure who has been criticized for his outspoken views on a variety of topics, including abortion, same-sex marriage, and climate change.

Milei is unmarried and has no children.

Javier Mile Wife

Javier Mile Wife: Who is Javier Mile married to?

Javier Milei is currently in a relationship with Argentine actress and artist Fátima Flórez. The couple reportedly started dating in July 2023.

Flórez is known for her comedic impersonations of Argentine politicians, including former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. She has also appeared in several films and television shows.

Milei has been relatively private about his personal life, but he has spoken publicly about his relationship with Flórez on a few occasions.

Javier Mile Wife

He has said that he is very happy with her and that she is a great support system for him. Flórez has also said that she is happy with Milei and that she admires his intelligence and passion.

Milei and Flórez have been seen together at several public events, including political rallies and award ceremonies. They have also been photographed together on social media.

The couple appears to be very happy together, and their relationship seems to be going strong. It is too early to say what the future holds for them, but they certainly seem to be a good match.

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