Insider reveals how Eyram wanted to use Asantewaa’s money to organize a lavish wedding because Cyril was broke

Written by: King Bygone

Asantewaa, who was involved in a social media brawl with Eyram in 2022, accused her of taking money to build a house on her behalf, only to later find out that she had been conned.

Speaking on Kwaku Manu’s Aggressive Interview show on YouTube on April 12, 2023, Asantewaa recounted how she met Eyram and how the alleged scam unfolded.

According to the TikToker, Eyram had been a fan who used to pester her on social media before they eventually became friends.


Asantewaa claimed that Eyram proposed a building project, and she agreed to it since it seemed like a good idea.

Asantewaa alleged that she gave Eyram money for the project but had never visited the site or demanded pictures because she trusted her and wanted it to be a surprise for herself.

However, she became suspicious after Eyram started to ask for more money without providing any updates on the project.

Asantewaa said she decided to visit the site one day with her manager, and what she saw left her stunned.

Suddenly, a new report that has dropped amidst Cyril and Eyram’s divorce saga alleges that Eyram wanted to use Asantewaa’s money to organize a lavish wedding ceremony because her hubby was broke.

As alleged by an insider who seems to know more about Eyram and Cyril, the actor is not all that financially flamboyant as we see on social media – Hence Eyram wanted to use Asantewaa’s building project money to sponsor their wedding.

Watch the video below to know more…

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