Efia Odo Declares King Promise’s 2023 Hit as Africa’s Biggest Song

Written by: Kay Rico

Ghanaian socialite and media figure Efia Odo has proclaimed that King Promise‘s latest track is the biggest song in Africa for 2023. Her assertion has amplified the growing recognition of the artist’s newest hit, which has captured the hearts of audiences throughout the continent.

In a recent interview, Efia Odo praised King Promise’s musical abilities, saying, “King Promise has delivered the biggest song in Africa this year. His talent for connecting with listeners through his music is unmatched.” She pointed out that the song has not only topped charts but also deeply resonated with a wide range of fans.

King Promise, born Gregory Bortey Newman, has been a prominent figure in the Afrobeats genre for several years. Renowned for his silky vocals and engaging melodies, he has consistently produced hits that have garnered him a devoted following. His 2023 release has further solidified his position as one of Africa’s top music artists.

 Efia Odo

The song has enjoyed extensive airplay and has become a favorite at numerous events and parties across Africa. Its success is due to its catchy beat, relatable lyrics, and King Promise’s charismatic performance. Fans and music critics have lauded the track, with many seeing it as a potential timeless classic.

Efia Odo’s commendation is noteworthy, given her influence in Ghanaian popular culture. As a leading media personality, her opinions often shape public conversations, and her praise for King Promise’s song highlights its broad appeal.

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King Promise’s latest hit continues to amass streams and downloads on various music platforms, showcasing its popularity. The artist himself has expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support, pledging to continue creating music that resonates with his listeners.

As the year unfolds, it will be exciting to watch how King Promise leverages this success and what new milestones his career will achieve. For now, his 2023 hit stands as a testament to his talent and the dynamic musical landscape of Africa.

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