“I’m doing a surgery soon to take off my womb so my children won’t come to this world to wait for death” – Actress Etinosa

Written by: King Bygone
Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has revealed that she is planning to undergo surgery to remove her womb to end the cycle of reproduction.

Etinosa made this revelation on the microblogging platform X and explained that she wants to take off her womb because she doesn’t want her children to come into this world to wait for death.


According to her, the primary cause of death is life, and once the cycle of reproduction ends and lives are not created, death will also end.

The mother of one tweeted,

“The primary cause of Death is life itself. So to stop Death, one must put an end to reproduction. What is never born will never die. Even I myself am not ready for this deep conversation. It’s deeper than I can comprehend.”

In response, a fan concurred with her statement and added that if she were given a choice not to come into this world, she would take it because she doesn’t understand the essence of life.

The fan wrote, “The reason why most people don’t want to have kids lol
If God made it as a choice actually I wouldn’t have accepted to come here at all because what is the essence at the end of the day?”

It was at this point that Etinosa revealed her intention to surgically remove her womb.

“God bless you. Reason I’m doing surgery soon to take off my womb. No child of mine is coming to this world to wait for death,” she wrote.

See below,


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