‘I sometimes chew Psalm 35 from the Bible or soak it in my bath water for protection fortification’ – Shatta Wale reveals

Written by: King Bygone
Popular Ghanaian Reggae Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale has revealed the means through which he uses the word of God to seek protection and fortifications.

Shatta disclosed that his favourite scripture in the Bible which he always takes solace from is Psalm 35.

Shatta Wale Shame On You art

According to him, in times of life’s difficulties, he tears the Psalm 35 chapter of the Bible, soak it in water and bath with it – something he believes shields him from attacks.

He claimed that this act is a development of his previous habit of immersing the Bible’s Psalm 35 chapter in his mouth.

“Psalm 35 is one of my longest scriptures anytime I am worried I open it. Sometimes I teach my fans what Psalm 35 is.

It’s a weapon that shields you from life attacks so I read it constantly. Sometimes, I bathe with it. I am the only one among my friends who tears that part of the bible [Psalm 35] and soaks it in water and baths.

I had that direction from God way back I had a small New Testament in my pocket and walked around with it. Those times I used to tear the Psalm 35 page and soak it in my mouth.

I knew the ink wasn’t good though but I just want to have that confident spirit in me. Psalm 35 has been my guide in life,” he told Kafui Dey.

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