Husband pours palm oil on his wife’s boyfriend after he caught them shopping together in town

In a dramatic turn of events, a man faced public disgrace after being caught shopping in a market with another man’s wife.

The incident unfolded when an unidentified individual approached the man and poured red oil on him, drawing attention.


People were both intrigued and shocked by the audacity of the man and the public humiliation he endured.

When confronted by a curious bystander, the man attempted to defend himself, claiming that he was unaware of the woman’s marital status.

According to him, she had not disclosed her marriage to him before their shopping excursion.

While the identities of the individuals involved remain undisclosed, the incident has sparked conversations on various social media platforms.

As the video continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder to all individuals to exercise caution and to avoid finding themselves at the center of public scrutiny and humiliation.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

@iamstepee reacts, “That woman should have told him that she is married”

@d_realsolz reacts, “This is shameful. May God no let dem stain our white with palm oil oo. ?”

@kexx_10 reacts, “I’m not supporting him but I don’t think he would have followed the woman if only she notified him that she was married”

@blessing_ekaka reacts, “This red oil no be here so what did they pour the woman ????????????”

Take a look at the pictures below to know more…

Husband pours palm oil on his wifes sideguy after he saw them shopping together in town

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