Husband catches his wife in bed with 15-year-old boy making love

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In Virginia, USA, a 37-year-old mother named Ashleigh Watts has been charged with indecency in connection to an incident involving a missing 15-year-old boy. The mother was discovered naked with the boy by the police. She is also facing accusations of abusing the boy’s twin brother.

The sequence of events began with Watts’ initial arrest when law enforcement visited her Chesapeake home in July. Upon their arrival, Watts asked the officers to wait outside while she put on a bra and took care of her dogs. Eventually, she allowed the officers into her home.

During their search, the officers found a hiding spot in an upstairs bedroom where they located the missing 15-year-old boy, wearing only boxer briefs. He confirmed his identity by presenting his Learner’s Permit.

Initially charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Watts now faces more serious charges including three counts of indecency with a minor. These charges are related to alleged abusive relationships she had with the twin teenagers, who were neighbors and friends with Watts’ own son of a similar age.

Reports suggest that Watts’ involvement with the twin boys began over a year before her arrest. The investigation was initiated by an anonymous tipster who reported a suspected sexual relationship between Watts and the boys in February.

Another incident in February involved Watts’ husband coming home around 2 a.m. to find her topless on the couch with one of the teenage boys. The boy later admitted that he had been at Watts’ house to smoke marijuana and had fallen asleep on the couch.

Although the families were reportedly close friends and had an open-door policy between their homes, behind closed doors, it’s alleged that Watts engaged in sexually and emotionally manipulative behavior towards the teenagers.

One of the boys confided in a neighbor, revealing a sexual relationship with Watts that began in June of the previous year. The boy believed they were in love and planned to get married when he turned seventeen.

Following the revelation of the alleged relationship, the teenager ran away from home and was eventually found hiding in Watts’ bedroom three weeks later. The other twin confessed that Watts would invite him over to smoke marijuana and would give him her underwear. He claimed she also touched him inappropriately despite his objections.

As a result, protective orders were obtained by both sets of parents as well as Watts’ husband. Documents filed by Watts’ husband indicated that cash, marijuana, and a prepaid cell phone were found after her arrest.

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