Herbert Kohler Jr. Parents:

Herbert Vollrath Kohler Jr. was an American billionaire businessman, a member of the Kohler family of Wisconsin, and the executive chairman of the Kohler Company, a manufacturing company in Kohler, Wisconsin, best known for its plumbing products.

When he died, his net worth was estimated at US$7.6 billion.

As a teenager, Kohler worked as a laborer or technician for every division of the Kohler Company, which specialised in manufacturing plumbing products.

He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in industrial administration in 1965 by Yale University.

Herbert Kohler Jr. Parents:

Herbert Kohler Jr. Parents: Meet Herbert Vollrah Kohler Sr, Ruth Miriam DeYoung Kohler

Who are Herbert Kohler Jr.’s mother and father? Where are Herbert Kohler Jr.’s parents now?

Herbert Kohler was born February 20, 1939, to Ruth Miriam DeYoung Kohler and Herbert Vollrath Kohler Sr.

Herbert’s father, Vollrath, ran the Kohler Company from 1937 until his death.

Herbert Kohler Jr. Parents:

He is related to other former company presidents, including Walter J. Kohler Sr. and Walter J. Kohler Jr.