Ghanaian ladies prefer dating Nigerian men – Hilda Baci

Written by: King Bygone
Online trolls have been going after famous Nigerian chef Hilda Baci for claiming that Ghanaians have a preference for males from her country.

During a recent podcast appearance, Hilda Baci made some contentious comments regarding Ghanaians, which has put her in the limelight.

First, Hilda Baci compared Ghanaian jollof to Nigerian jollof and revealed that the latter lacks flavor.

Hilda Baci

Similarly, numerous Ghanaians have taken to Twitter to criticize Hilda for saying that Ghanaian women prefer Nigerian guys to their own males.

Read some comments below…

@Ayeduasedaniel: Nigerian men in Ghana are fixing phones, and selling phone covers masa. Go to Circle and see😂😭😭😭“.

@Farida: The same way Nigerian men would choose Ghanaian women over Nigerian women”.

@Kobistereo: Ghana man knack am free then served her breakfast, she seems pained, she needs to heal .”

@Mr Ahenkora: No one will choose her tho, though she looks like a sacrifice”.

@Davesmith: “No Ghanaian man will date this Hilda sef”.

@ItplugGhana: “At this point, she just wanted to trend ever since she lost her Guinness record to someone else lol”.

@Kwamekels: Tweaaakai. Why is this girl acting like she knows it all? Or is it because the cooking length record has been broken after holding it for just a few days?

@Freddiefortunes: She’s saying that so that Nigerian men can get more women to do their rituals smh”.

As a reminder, Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known as Hilda Baci, is a Nigerian chef, restaurateur, actress, and the former holder of the Guinness World Record for marathon cooking with 93 hours 11 minutes which was later surpassed by Irish chef Alan Fisher with 119 hours, 57 minutes.

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