From the Limo to the Private Jet – Video Goes Viral As Becca Flaunts Soft Girl Life Aboard A Private Jet

Singer, Becca, is enjoying and living life to the fullest as is epitomised in a new video she shared taking a private jet ride.

In the video, Becca is seen dropping from a private car that drove her to the airport.

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Once down, she began a very short walk to the private jet which was waiting for her.

Social media was stunned at the soft life being enjoyed by Becca and opined.

“Those who have money don brag 😍.,” one netizen said.

Another added: “Pressure nkoaaa 😂😂,”

Watch Becca below…

Becca has been accused of bleaching due to her looks in recent years which are completely different from how she looked when she broke out.

Branded as the real African woman, Becca was a chocolate beauty when she arrived on the but gradually has transformed herself into a fair woman.

One netizen could not help but comment on that part of her transformation.

“Sister of Michael Jackson anaaa eeeeiii 😮,” the fan wrote.

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