Fella Makafui Seeks Investigation into Medikal’s False Claims

Written by: Kay Rico

An old document from April 4, 2024, recounts Fella Makafui‘s appeal to the Director General of the Ghana Police Service to investigate her estranged husband, Medikal, for allegedly publishing false news. Medikal, whose real name is Samuel Adu Frimpong, is accused by Makafui of violating Section 208 of the Criminal Code of 1960, Act 29. Makafui expressed that Medikal’s false publications have endangered her life.

In the letter, Makafui mentioned that she and Medikal were married on March 7, 2020, but decided to divorce in January 2024. Despite their separation, they agreed to co-parent their daughter, Island Frimpong. Makafui also clarified that they both contributed financially to their mansion in East Legon Hills, where they still live, albeit in separate rooms and without any intimate relations for almost a year.

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Makafui accused Medikal of falsely claiming on social media that his life was in danger and suggesting potential harm from residents of their house. She asserted that his subsequent publications included serious insinuations about her character, which has led to severe threats against her due to her status as a public figure. She emphasized that Medikal’s false statements have the potential to incite harm from his fanbase towards her.

For further details, see the original letter from Fella Makafui to the Director General of the Ghana Police Service:

Fella Makafui Statement Letter

Fella Makafui statement


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