FEAR WOMEN: Wife Who Mourned Husband on Social Media Arrested for Allegedly Killing Him

Written by: King

According to Mwebantu, the 47-year-old allegedly enlisted the help of her two children, Madiba Zulu, aged 20, and her younger sibling, aged 18, to physically harm their father.


A police report indicate that the suspects reportedly used a plank and various kitchen utensils during the vicious attack.

Reports indicate that the deadly incident appears to have been triggered by the woman’s displeasure over her husband’s use of their car.

Reportedly, Ms Kasase was away visiting a friend when she directed one of her sons to pick the family vehicle, which her deceased husband, Alex Kanyama Zulu, had driven out with.

When her son informed her that the car was not available as her husband was still using it, the news apparently angered her, forcing her to find alternative means home.

According to Rae Hamoonga, the angry woman ganged up with her children to beat her husband using a plank and other kitchen utensils.


Interestingly, the widow took to social media to mourn the deceased husband, explaining that the death had broken her.

“Chafina how, how. My God why? I am so lost for words, how do I even mourn you? How will I live without you? Bashi Madiba, this hurts so deep!” she posted.
Relatives of the deceased were, however, suspicious in the circumstances surrounding the death of their relative hence requested for a post-mortem to be conducted.

On August 8, 2023, the deceased’s body was exhumed and a post-mortem conducted at the cemetery.

It is here that the autopsy results indicated that the deceased had sustained fractures to his hand, leg, and ribs.

Elsewhere, a woman and her boyfriend have been arrested in connection to the gruesome killing of her husband.

The dismembered body of Richard Ondieki were found dumped in sewage in Kayole, just a few metres from where he lives.

Details indicate that the deceased man’s family sought answers from the woman, upon which she claimed that he had gone to live with his lover.

Source:  Tuko.co.ke | Nsemwokrom.com

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