Dionne Warwick Parents

Marie Dionne Warwick is an American singer, actress, and television host.

Warwick ranks among the 40 biggest US hitmakers between 1955 and 1999, based on her chart history on Billboard’s Hot 100 pop singles chart.


She is the second-most charted female vocalist during the rock era.

Many of Warwick’s family were members of the Drinkard Singers, a family gospel group and RCA recording artists who frequently performed throughout the New York metropolitan area.

The original group, known as the Drinkard Jubilairs, consisted of Cissy, Anne, Larry, and Nicky, and later included Warwick’s grandparents, Nicholas and Delia Drinkard, and their children: William, Lee, and Hansom.

Dionne Warwick Parents: Meet Lee Drinkard Warrick, Mancel Warrick

Marie Dionne Warrick was born on December 12, 1940, in Orange, New Jersey to Mancel Warrick and Lee Drinkard.

She’s from a musical family. Her mother was manager of the Drinkard Singers, and her father was a Pullman porter, chef, record promoter, and CPA.

Dionne Warwick Parents

Dionne was named after her aunt on her mother’s side. Her dad was a record promoter as well as a railroad porter, chef, and CPA. Dionne had a sister, Delia, and a brother, Mancel Jr. As a child, she was a member of the Girl Scouts.

She had a sister, Delia, who died in 2008, and a brother, Mancel Jr., who was killed in an accident in 1968 at age 21.

Dionne Warwick father

Her parents were both African American, and she also has Native American and Dutch ancestry.

She was raised in East Orange, New Jersey, and was a Girl Scout for a time. After finishing East Orange High School in 1959, Warwick pursued her passion at the Hartt College of Music in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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