“Diana Asamoah in the mud”: Don’t marry a lady called Diana; she will control you – Pastor claims

Written by: King Bygone
A controversial pastor has tested his controversial prowess and warned men against marrying Darin ladies called Diana as they’re not marriage-worthy because they don’t submit to their husbands.

According to Pastor Ezekiel Odero, the name Diana carries an evil spirit and any man who marries such a woman would become the wife while she becomes the husband.

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He added that if Diana’s husband tries to stand his ground to avoid being a puppet for her, she will walk out of the marriage and break the home.

“If you marry a woman named Diana, she will control you like a robot. She becomes the husband, but if you show her that you are the man of the house, she will leave,”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero told his church members recently, and the sermon was captured in a video that has been circulating online.

Beyond warning against marrying them, the man of God went further to caution parents against naming their children Diana.


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